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Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe are launching the "Dudesgiving Campaign" to help raise funds to continue production of our web series and release our full length CD this year! We're giving away some very special prizes with every donation - listed below is what prizes you get for each level of donation!



Prize #1

$1 - (or any other amount)
Prize: our eternal Dudely gratitude!!

Prize #2

$5 - We will personally thank you
(or your company) on our website!

Prize #3

$10 - "Where My Gingers At?" 7" vinyl single
Pre-order our debut "7" vinyl single "Where My Gingers At?" Released date: mid-December

Prize #4

$15 - Official Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe t-shirt! 
(Image coming soon - S, M, L, XL or Girl-T)

Prize #5

$20 - We will put a link to your website on our website - also one sentence description (valid for one year).

Prize #6

$25 - The Pocket Protectors 7"
Original Pressing from 2002 (25 available)
Get this Proto-Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe gem - 15 year old Chief Evan Cassidy's comedy Dork Rock/Punk band at age 15, only 300 copies were made!

Prize #7

$35 - "Dinosaur Sweatshirt"
An official Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe "Dinosaur Sweater" sweater/sweatshirt, paying homage to our breakout video!  (Image coming soon!)

Prize #8

$50 - Wrap Up Party
An invite to the exclusive mid-season wrap up party for "The Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe Show" at The Chief's house this December!*

Prize #9

$100 - Filming
The opportunity to be an extra in a Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe Video!*

Prize #10

$150 - Robért LeRoux, The Singing Frenchman, will come be the life of your party and play acoustic tunes for up to 30 minutes! Requests accepted beforehand, but no Jack Johnson or John Mayer (also please tell Robért which counter-tops and furniture are permissible to stand on while serenading the party...)*

Prize #11

$200 - Listed as "Sponsor" in credits of our web series! (+any 1-6) Your name or company will be listed as a sponsor in the credits of our web series!*

Prize #12

$250 - Acoustic serenade video (+any 1-6) Chief Evan Cassidy will film a personal acoustic serenade video to you!*

Prize #13

$500 - a special Dudely Jones Comedy Tribe performance in your living room (10 available - anywhere in Orange County/Los Angeles)*

Prize #14

$1,000 - personal video commercial
We will produce a 30 second commercial for you or your business!* (info@dudelyjones.com for more detail)

Prize #15

$2,500 - Executive Producer
You will be credited as an Executive Producer on our web series!* (info@dudelyjones.com for more details)

*(+ choice of one additional prize: 3, 4, 6 or 7)


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